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Standardization Working Group

SFG data standardization working group

Within the framework of the IAG’s inter-commission committee on Marine Geodesy (ICCM), the international seafloor geodesy community started concrete reflections to establish a task force for seafloor geodesy data standardization.


This working group aims to :

•       centralize existing solutions for storing seafloor geodesy observations, whether defined by instrument manufacturers or research teams.

•       list precisely which physical observable would be of interest to store, along with the associated metadata.

•       define file structures to archive and read (by computer but also by a human) these data.

•       encourage the use of predefined standards to enable feasible data-exchange in-between the stakeholders involved in seafloor geodesy.


The kick-off meeting took place virtually on 2022/10/19  at 12:00UTC.

The minutes of this kick-off are available here.


We encourage everyone interested in the scope of the working group to participate and register to the mailing list for the data standards group.