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White Paper Webinar

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

A recording of this webinar can be found here: Seafloor Geodesy White Paper Webinar 3/25/2021 Thursday March 25, 2021: 3-4:30 pm EDT

Focus: White Paper authors will give brief overviews (<2 minutes each) of their papers, followed by an hour-long discussion for all authors.

Prior to webinar: Short pre-recorded presentations (~10 minute each) are being uploaded here. Please watch these before attending the live-session.

White Paper repository: here.

Webinar Presentation Order:

  1. John DeSanto, Noel Bartlow, Roland Bürgmann, David Chadwell, William Chadwick, Martin Heesemann, Diego Melgar, David Schmidt, Mark Zumberge, "A Community GNSS-Acoustic Experiment on the Cascadia Subduction Zone"

  2. James Foster, Noel Bartlow "Seafloor geodesy applications and test bed at Kīlauea volcano, Hawaii"

  3. Robert Smalley, Jr., Demián D. Gómez, Ian W.D. Dalziel, Michael G. Bevis "Bringing orphaned plates into the plate tectonic family with Sea Floor Geodesy"

  4. Bing He, Matt Wei, Randy Watts, Yang Shen, Marco Alverez, "Detecting slow slip events from the sea floor pressure data using machine learning"

  5. Noel Bartlow, Mark Zumberge, "Seafloor optical fiber strainmeters for the detection of slow slip events"

  6. Pierre Sakic, Valerie Ballu, Heidrun Kopp, Deitrich Lange, Jean-Yves Royer, "Toward common file formats and data standards for seafloor geodesy"

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